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If you relate dieting with counting calories and kilos and starving it is because you do not know yet Nutrifarma’s method.

Do you know Nutrifarma’s method?

Nutrifarma’s method allows us to create an appropiate diet for every client.


Indicated in cases of:

  • Obesity
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Diabetes
  • amongst others

How does it work?

1. We analyze your daily habits and your body composition (% fat mass, % muscle mass, % water retention, metabolic rate…). We also perform medical screening tests (hypertension, glucose, cholesterol..). Everything completely free of charge.

2. We design a diet plan fully adapted to you, always taking into account possible food intolerances that may appear in our Histamine Test. We guide and offer you nutrition guidelines and show you how to cook in a more healthy way.

3. We propose a customized physical training plan which can be done ir our centre with our physical trainer.


4.Then, we do a permanent follow up, monitoring and readapting your diet and physical training to your needs. We also offer a special nutrition coach, who will help you to meet your goals more easily.

5. Finally, we will help you to maintain your ideal weight and your new habits.

Additionally, if you do Nutrifarma’s diet method with us, you will have free entrance to all our workshops.

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“”I have had a satisfactory experience in Mentha Aquatica. I have achieved my goal and they (the team) help me to maintain it.  Apart from the friendly and loving attention, they (the team) are experienced and qualified, which makes us, the clients, put all our  trust in them. For this reason, I have recommended it several times” AMELIA PEREZ – 54 years old


“I am dieting and I have done the Histamine Test. Since I have excluded the foods that caused me intolerance, I am feel bloated and  my digestions are better. The team of Mentha Aquatica is friendly and very professional. I fully recommend it ANA IGLESIAS – 57 years old


“Thanks to the daily planned menus, the diet process has been easy and simple to do. When you have all the meals planned and organized, you eliminate a common problem: to eat healthy and with variety. Thanks to all the recommendations of new meals and recipes you avoid the routine and boredom of the typicall diets. Moreover, the contact with the team is lovely and friendly. They always encourage and support you FERNANDO CENICACELAYA – 47 years old

Dolores Sanchez – 49 Años

“I am doing a pressotherapy pack due to my fluid retention problem located in my legs. This problem is mainly caused by my menopause and pain. Since i have started pressotherapy i have noticed a big improvement , that is why I recommend it for all women, who, like me,  are in a process of change. And of course, to all women who want to impprove the appearance of their legs!” Dolores Sanchez – 49 years old

“Since I started, I feel less bloated and less heavy. The diet is easy to follow and it can be personalized every week changing or adding other foods. I did the lactose and fructose intolerance test a while back and I thought it would be veyr hard to follow a diet. But as of today I eat with much more variety. After coming here, I did the Histamine test (with the resulf of having an intolerance to wheat flour) and I am now under treatment. Thanks to the diet and the additional guidelines that they gave me I can now manage to do everything and I am feeling much better”  Miguel Angel Almansa – 21 years old

“”I had a facial treatment a week ago and the experience was great. I loved how they treated me and hoy professional they are. My skin was much cleaner if impurities and without imperfections. Also, they do it so well that you have no marks and no spots come put later. The way they treat you at the professional and personal level is unbeatable, They are charming people and I have already recomended them! In the shop you can find a great variety of products of the best brands and of course they deal wit the clients in an excellent way”” Esther Renalias- Paciente estética: 27 years old